DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-995572-4-8/07

PALAVRAS CHAVE: Sorriso. Estética dentária. Odontologia em saúde pública.

KEYWORDS: Smile. Dental aesthetics. Dentistry in public health.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To expose the social, cultural and media context of smile esthetics and considerations about dentistry in this theme. METHODS: This qualitative and descriptive study used narrative review as a research protocol. Formulated the guiding question, the searches were carried out between the years 2020 and 2021, through electronic databases. Studies in Portuguese, English and Spanish were selected that included in their context any of the points selected for the construction of the review: the smile and society, cultural context and aesthetics and dentistry. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Aesthetics is completely involved with the psychological concept of physical self-image, being influenced by culture, personal experiences and media. Considering dentistry, this media direction leads potential clients of dental treatments to perpetuate the belief in the extraordinary object, leading to dentists looking for this stereotyped demand. However, the importance that the role of dental aesthetics has in restoring human health and self-esteem is undeniable. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: It is emphasized that the dental aesthetic results must be balanced according to the ideal limitations and general characteristics of the patient such as culture, social environment in which they live and physical appearance.


  • Ana Cecília Alexandre dos Ramos

  • Antônio Lopes Bezerra Neto

  • Hélida Maravilha Dantas e Sousa Almeida

  • Ingrid Vieira da Silva

  • José Iury Braga Bezerra

  • João Vitor Mendes Dantas

  • Lucas Lacerda Soares Moreira

  • Maria Fernanda Bandeira da Silva

  • Mylena da Silva Maia

  • Rosemary Pereira da Silva

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