DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-995572-5-5/07

PALAVRAS CHAVE: América. Cobertura vacinal. COVID-19.

KEYWORDS: America. Vaccination coverage. COVID-19.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To analyze the COVID-19 vaccination landscape in America. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Descriptive, time series epidemiological study. Data collection was carried out in the Information System released by the Pan American Health Organization from 01/01/2021 to 09/10/2021. The number of doses administered in single, first and second doses in America were analyzed. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Up to 09/10/2021, in America, a total of 963,290,835 doses were administered, 56.8% in the first dose, 39.1% in the second dose and 4.1% in the second dose. only. In total, until the period in which the study was conducted, on the American continent, there were 399,333,286 people with a complete vaccination schedule, which represents an estimated population of 1,030,670,082 citizens, with a total of 38.7% of the population. with the complete vaccination schedule. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: It is noted that, despite the advance in vaccination, the number of citizens with a complete vaccination schedule on the continent is still low, being less than 40% of the total population. Furthermore, an unequal distribution of doses can be seen, which may be mainly associated with social and economic factors.


  • Ana Flávia Souto Figueiredo Nepomuceno

  • Iara Santana Santos Carvalho

  • Karen Monique Carregosa Ribeiro

  • Keyse Mirelle Carregosa Ribeiro

  • Mariana Oliveira Abreu

  • Mariana Souto Figueiredo

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