DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-84528-35-2/01

PALAVRAS CHAVE: Abuso de idosos. Institucionalização. Idoso. Violação de Direitos Humanos. Família.

KEYWORDS: Elder abuse. Institutionalization. Elderly. Human rights violations. Family.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To survey evidence in the scientific literature on affective abandonment and the violation of the rights of institutionalized elderly people by their families. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a scoping review, using a qualitative approach, based on the collection of studies, in October 2023, via the Virtual Health Library with access to the MEDLINE, LILACS and BDTD databases The terms Decs/Mesh were used in search strategies. Studies were included if they met the research question, without time limitation, and were available in Portuguese and English. All discrepant studies in relation to the topic were excluded, as were studies that included the abandonment of other population groups. After stratification using the eligibility criteria, the sample consisted of 10 studies. Respect for ethical and legal precepts throughout the writing and research process should be emphasized. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The studies discussed evidence of affective abandonment and the violation of the rights of the elderly, present in both family and institutional environments, and point to the need to raise awareness of the rights of this population, as well as the importance of continuous emotional support, regardless of where they live. CONCLUSION: The affective abandonment of the elderly is a reality and a public health problem and must be combated vigorously, both in family and institutional contexts, in order to preserve mental health, guarantee rights and, therefore, adequate affective care.


  • Ana Lívia Castelo Branco de Oliveira

  • Bruno Abilio da Silva Machado

  • Claudenice Antônia Aguiar Lima

  • Débora de Jesus dos Santos Menezes

  • Leonardo Vinícius de Moraes Miranda

  • Maria Idalina Rodrigues

  • Monique de Alencar Lucena

  • Rafaella Dandara Nunes de Oliveira

  • Samuel Lopes dos Santos

  • Winícius de Carvalho Alves

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