DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-84528-35-2/02

PALAVRAS CHAVE: Cicatrização. Drenagem linfática manual. Sistema linfático.

KEYWORDS: Wound Healing. Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Lymphatic System

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: Address the importance of lymphatic drainage in the postoperative period and emphasize its healing process and immunity performance. METHODS: This is an narrative literature review, descriptive with a qualitative approach. Given the results, the titles and abstracts of 2,046 studies available in full were analyzed, obtained by crossing the descriptors " lymphatic drainage" AND " post-operative" , through databases such as Sciencedirect, sciELO, Google Scholar and PubMed. Of these studies, only 16 were selected because they revealed the benefits and effects of using manual lymphatic drainage in the postoperative period. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: It showed that lymphatic drainage favors post-surgical conditions by reducing hematomas in addition to providing significant improvement in blood circulation and cellular nutrition. Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage are also related to reducing stress and pain in patients who have just undergone a surgical procedure. CONCLUSION: Therefore, manual lymphatic drainage guarantees a faster and more hassle-free recovery, which seeks to improve more and more, with respect to the anatomy and physiology of each organism, being carried out correctly by a trained professional.


  • Bethânia de Jesus Costa

  • Denilson dos Santos Gomes

  • Enoque Chaves de Almeida Junior

  • Helena de Almeida Cerqueira Kodel

  • Tatiane Batista dos Santos

  • Willamys Souza Correa

  • Érica Maria Rios de Lima

  • Ítalo Samuel Gonçalves Rodrigues

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