DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-995572-5-5/03

PALAVRAS CHAVE: Envelhecimento. Violência. Pandemia.

KEYWORDS: Aging. Violence. Pandemic.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: Reflect on violence against elderly people in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Theoretical-reflective study based on the reading and critical analysis of studies published in scientific and health policy journals in application in Brazil. The collection of bibliographic material took place from June to August 2021 and the searches took place in the Virtual Health Library, using the descriptors: Aging AND Violence AND Pandemia. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The data collection enabled the elaboration of two categories: “Determinants of the Occurrence of Violence Against the Elderly in the Pandemic” and “Assistance and Prevention of Violence against the Elderly. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: The literature review reveals the magnitude of violence in times of pandemic, revealing contexts and needs, making it necessary to collectively rethink existing policies and incorporate new technologies to face current challenges.


  • Ana Clara da Costa Ferreira

  • Ana Klisse Silva Araújo

  • Ingred Pereira Cirino

  • Ivanildo Gonçalves Costa Junior

  • Laura Maria Feitosa Formiga

  • Maria Laíse de Lima Leal

  • Nahadja Tahaynara Barros Leal

  • Thamires Lessa de Souza Rodrigues

Desenvolvido por Alexsander Arcelino