DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-995572-2-4/02

PALAVRAS CHAVE: COVID-19. Pandemia. Saúde Mental. Transtornos Mentais.

KEYWORDS: COVID-19. Pandemic. Mental health. Mental Disorders.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To present the main changes and risk factors for mental health in the general population and in psychiatric patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a narrative review based on data collection through a literature review. The search was performed in LILACS and Medline databases, using the descriptors: COVID-19 / COVID-19 / COVID-19, Pandemia / Pandemic / Pandemia, Saúde Mental / Mental Health / Salud Mental, Transtornos Mentais / Mental Disorders / Desordenes Mentales. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Among the findings in the literature regarding changes in the mental health of the population and in psychiatric patients, stressful factors stood out, such as: social isolation, quarantine, dissemination of false information about the disease and economic crisis, which influenced in mental health implications, among the emotional disorders the main ones reported were: anguish, fear, anxiety, stress, depression and panic. These emotional responses to current circumstances can influence the aggravation of pre-existing psychiatric disorders. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: The COVID-19 pandemic affected the population' s psychological well-being. The most observed psychological outcome in the population and possibly lasting was symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and confusion.


  • Amanda da Silva Barbosa

  • Andréa Mendes Silva

  • Anna Paula Maia Soares

  • Bárbara Lima Borges

  • Dayane Azevedo Spinelli

  • Ingrid Ellen Lima Machado

  • Jennyfer de Fátima Aryadne Silva

  • Mariana Pinheiro Muniz

  • Nelson Antonio Bailão Ribeiro

  • Yasmin Pacheco Ribeiro

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