DOI: 10.53524/lit.edt.978-65-84528-00-0/01

PALAVRAS CHAVE: Ensino. Docente de Enfermagem. Educação de Pós-Graduação. COVID-19.

KEYWORDS: Teaching. Faculty Nursing. Education Graduate. COVID-19.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To report the teaching experience in emergency remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach of the experience report type, carried out from the discipline of “Scientific Methodology and Course Completion Work” present in the lato sensu graduate course in Nephrology Nursing. The discipline had a workload of 30 hours/class and was given on the weekend of February 27 and 28 of 2021 to 11 nurses. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictive measures adopted by state and municipal governments, classes had to undergo adaptations and were held online through the Google Meet videoconferencing platform. RESULTS: Through this experience, it was possible to identify challenges arising from the pandemic and emergency remote teaching. Such obstacles cross a differentiated and new teaching practice in the lives of those who needed to re-signify the presence in this pandemic period, with the immediate demand for changes and adaptations in the construction of knowledge. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: It is essential to make use of reflections and reconsiderations about the role of education in the performance of teachers, in qualified training that is also suited to this new technological scenario and in the construction of a teaching-learning process based on the context of the COVID pandemic -19, also rethinking the hybrid model that was adopted by most educational institutions in 2022.


  • Alexsandra Maria Ferreira de Araújo Bezerra

  • Clóvis Corrêa de Carvalho

  • Daniel Telemago Silva de Lucena

  • Francisco Lucas de Lima Fontes

  • Hallyson Leno Lucas da Silva

  • Ilana Maria Brasil do Espírito Santo

  • Jaqueline de Barros Lemos

  • Kelven Rubson Soares Bezerra

  • Mariana Ayremoraes Barbosa

  • Napoleão Bonaparte de Sousa Júnior

  • Ofélia Lima de Jesus

  • Rawenna Tallita da Costa Bandeira

  • Samara Sales Gomes de Sousa

Desenvolvido por Alexsander Arcelino